Which Is The Best Brand Of Menstrual Sponge?

Best Menstrual Sea Sponges

Disclosure: This site is sponsored by Natural Intimacy S.L., a producer of IntimateCare sponges which are frequently used as menstrual sponges. That doesn’t mean though that you too won’t come to the same conclusion as us, that the best menstrual sponges out there are in fact from the Natural Intimacy brand. Let us explain why.

Natural Intimacy only use “Mediterranean Fine Silk” sponges for their IntimateCare sea sponge products.

If you take a look online at other brands you’ll see that most don’t even identify the type of sponge being used. Given that “Mediterranean Fine Silk” sponges are the most expensive and the highest quality, it would seem logical that if a seller had chosen them they would say so. By hiding the type of sponge you would have to be diligent and assume that they are probably Caribbean sponges. They’re great sponges but when used as menstrual sponges they just don’t absorb as much and being to break up after only a few months. With Natural Intimacy IntimateCare sea sponges you know there are no choices, they are only ever “Mediterranean Fine Silk”.

Every single Natural Intimacy sponge is hand selected and checked for quality.

Look around online for reviews of other sponges and you’ll see a high occurrence of negative reviews because of “bits” or “grit” in the sponges. These can be easily removed but the idea is that the company does it, not the customer. With 100,000s of sponges sold, Natural intimacy only has a small handful of customers saying that their sponges were anything but perfect and an exchange is always offered.

The shape and form of Natural Intimacy’s IntimateCare sponges makes them ideal for natural tampons.

When sponges grow in the sea they’re pretty big things and have to be chopped and trimmed to the size and shape needed. The sponge has external and internal faces which have different textures and you can’t cut a sponge into identical shapes and forms. So the finished result is a whole bunch of individually shaped sponges, some are more suited to be used as natural tampons than others. Other menstrual sponge sellers have to use all of those different shaped sponges to avoid waste and loss so they all get packaged as menstrual sponges. Natural Intimacy selects the most appropriately shaped sponges for their IntimateCare range without the financial pressure of including the not-so-aptly shaped sponges. Why? Well because Natural Intimacy can use those other sponges for their other product ranges. For example, sponges with a larger surface area are perfect for FacialCare sponges, leaving the chunkier sponges which would absorb more for the IntimateCare products.

Natural Intimacy have beautiful, thoughtful, plastic-free packaging.

Most of the time packaging is just an inconvenience placed there to slow us down when we just want to get our hands on our new purchase. The Natural Intimacy ECO packaging uses ecological, recycled cardboard without a whole bunch of dyes, colours and chemicals which can be found in cheaper card. The GIFT range is supplied in the iconic cotton bags, made from GOTS organic cotton, hand printed with GOTS dyes. They’re hand made by local artisans in Spain and certainly not imported from China! As the GIFT name suggests the presentation and price makes them an ideal, thoughtful gift which is totally biodegradable.

Natural Intimacy is an Ethical Company. Where you spend your money makes an impact.

An ethical company is transparent, it shares information about it’s decision making process, it pays it’s taxes to support the wider community, it looks after it’s employers, it’s suppliers, it’s customers and it’s neighbours, it makes ‘the best’ choices possible for everybody’s future rather than for profit. It’s not easy and it’s not always cheap. Most consumers who buy with a click quicker than they can think don’t always realise that companies which sell cheaper alternatives might be keeping their manufacturing costs down by outsourcing their slave labour to a far off country or by not paying their taxes.

When you’re ready to order your menstrual sponges consider all of these aspects. Does the seller clearly state the type of sponge and the size? Do they tell you which country their little storage bag was made in? Can you be sure the seller is paying their taxes and looking after their workers and supply chain? The fact that you’re looking at reusable menstrual products in the first place means you’re probably more switched on than the majority of other consumers already, so a thoughtful purchase ought to be the result 🙂

If you believe that menstrual sponges are the right choice for you and you’ve investigated the health aspects, benefits and risks, we recommend the Natural Intimacy brand of IntimateCare sea sponges.

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