Menstrual Sponges And Period Sex

Period Sex With Menstrual Sponges

Many women want to enjoy sex during their periods but don’t want to be bothered by the presence of blood.

Cut Your Sponge Down For Period Sex

When we talk of period sex with a menstrual sea sponge we’re probably only anticipating a few hours use before removal, so a full size sponge to absorb eight hours of flow isn’t needed.

Cutting a sponge in half is usually the way forwards. A half of a sponge will absorb a few hours flow, no problem without being a noticeable obstruction due to it’s smaller size and it being pushed deeper inside.

Your lady parts are soft and pillowy, your sponge is soft and pillowy… it’s a perfect match! Neither of you will even notice the sponge is there. 

Clean It Or Throw It Away?

Afterwards, the smaller sponge will be located deeper than usual so swatting down is usually the best approach for removing it, usually in the bath or shower after sex.

When surveyed, the majority of users said that they threw the sponge away after having used it for period sex rather than cleaning it, given it’s smaller size and the icky factor of there being both menses and seamen in the sponge.

Remeber that having anything, however natural it may be, inserted vaginally for prolonged periods of time, especially during menstruation will bring with it a risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). Read our post on TSS and if you have any doubts or questions, consult your Doctor.

If you believe that menstrual sponges are the right choice for you and you’ve investigated the health aspects, benefits and risks, we recommend the Natural Intimacy brand of IntimateCare sea sponges.

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