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All About Menstrual Sponges

My First Sponge. Where Do I Begin?

New Menstrual Sponges

So your sponge has arrived, but as you take it out of the packaging, it feels rock hard! How on earth will THAT be comfortable? There are three vital steps to prepping your sponge before first use. 1. Probably the most important step in caring for your new sponge, and your health, is to properly prepare your sponge for its very intimate purpose!Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a very serious and sometimes fatal infection which can be related to synthetic tampons or…

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Which Is The Best Brand Of Menstrual Sponge?

Best Menstrual Sea Sponges

Disclosure: This site is sponsored by Natural Intimacy S.L., a producer of IntimateCare sponges which are frequently used as menstrual sponges. That doesn’t mean though that you too won’t come to the same conclusion as us, that the best menstrual sponges out there are in fact from the Natural Intimacy brand. Let us explain why. Natural Intimacy only use “Mediterranean Fine Silk” sponges for their IntimateCare sea sponge products. If you take a look online at other brands you’ll see…

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Are Menstrual Sponges Safe?

Are Menstrual Sponges Really Safe?

The white, sterile looking classic tampon is made to give the impression that it is the safest period solution out there.  That’s what you would assume if you were judging by the cover. But as you probably know by now, big corporations are experts at marketing, and often their profits first at the expense of both your health and the environment. Because tampons are officially categorized as “medical devices”,  manufacturers are under no obligation to list the ingredients of their product.…

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How Do I Remove My Menstrual Sponge?

How To Remove Menstrual Sponges

A sponge that has absorbed fluid is heavier and therefore sits lower in the vaginal canal. So just reach up and grasp the sponge with two fingers to remove. If you have difficulty, or the sponge is pushed particularly high in your vaginal canal (ahem, period sex), bear down as if you are having a bowel movement / pushing something out of your vagina and reach in at the same time. This helps lower the sponge to where you can reach…

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Where Can I Order Menstrual Sponges?

Where To Buy The Best Menstrual Sponges

Menstrual sponges can be purchased online and in person from specialty shops that sell other reusable menstrual products (RUMPS) like menstrual cups, period pants or cloth pads. They are also available on various websites as well as Amazon.  Menstrual sponges are sometimes referred to as Sea Pearls, Sea Clouds, or IntimateCare Sponges.  Make sure you check whether you are buying Mediterranean sponges (stronger, longer lasting, better absorbency) or Caribbean sponges (cheaper).…

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Are Menstrual Sponges Banned In The U.S.A.?

Where To Buy Menstrual Sponges In The USA

Well yes and no. In short, the FDA say you can’t market them. However, if you are caught in posession of a menstrual sponge you won’t get sent to Guantanamo Bay. The FDA And Menstrual Products Our European readers may be surprised to hear that in the USA you need FDA approval to put menstrual cups and menstrual pads on the market. Yes, even Salva Slips are FDA controlled. Given this very strong oversight it’s logical that the FDA monitor…

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Where Can I Buy Menstrual Sponges In The U.K.?

Where To Buy Menstrual Sponges In The UK

Despite tens of thousands of women in the UK having tried sea sponges for better period control, menstrual sponges In The U.K are still not a mainstream product so you won’t find them in Boots Chemists or even Holland and Barrett any time soon. Ordering online is the simple solution. We recommend the Natural Intimacy brand of sponges. They supply boxes of two, unbleached Mediterranean sponges which have been hand selected for their optimum shape, to be used as IntimateCare sponges. Each sponge…

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Menstrual Sponges And Period Sex

Period Sex With Menstrual Sponges

Many women want to enjoy sex during their periods but don’t want to be bothered by the presence of blood. Cut Your Sponge Down For Period Sex When we talk of period sex with a menstrual sea sponge we’re probably only anticipating a few hours use before removal, so a full size sponge to absorb eight hours of flow isn’t needed. Cutting a sponge in half is usually the way forwards. A half of a sponge will absorb a few…

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Where Can I Buy Menstrual Sponges In Australia?

Where To Buy Menstrual Sponges In Australia

We recommend the Natural Intimacy brand of sponges. They supply boxes of two, unbleached Mediterranean sponges which have been hand selected for their optimum shape, to be used as IntimateCare sponges. Each sponge has been quality controlled, checking for marine debris, testing their strength and making sure the form is apt for their use. They can be purchased from Amazon in Australia for quick delivery. There is no delay or extra cost in having them imported to Australia as Amazon…

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Which Are The Best Quality Menstrual Sponges?

Which Are The Best Menstrual Sponges?

Hands down, unbleached Mediterranean sponges are the best quality sponges when used for menstruation. Put simply, their density allows them to absorb more liquids and also makes them stronger so they won’t tear as easily. Caribbean sponges don’t exactly fall apart either, but with time all sponges begin to deteriorate, become weaker and will eventually tear. The question is if you want that to happen after three months or after six months. So Why Are Caribbean Sponges So Widely Marketed?…

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How Long Do Menstrual Sponges Last For?

How Long Will A Menstrual Sponge Last?

Before you buy a regular tampon from your pharmacy or supermarket it has probably travelled thousands of miles already. If not the tampon itself then the cotton it’s made from surely has. To keep the manufacturing costs down the reality is it’s cheaper to ship cotton around the world than to use cotton sourced from within developed countries. It’s also been individually wrapped in plastic and might even have a disposable applicator with it too. All of these resources have…

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Mediterranean Or Caribbean Menstrual Sea Sponges?

Caribbean or Mediterranean Menstrual Sponges?

Of the thousands of sponge species that exist only a few are apt for menstrual sea sponges and these can only be found in certain areas of the Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean. The warmer temperatures in the Mediterranean and the colder currents in the Caribbean, along with a whole range of other variables which effect their environment, mean that they end up being very different sponges. So Which Do We Recommend? Firstly, both are fit for purpose. They can…

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Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) And Menstrual Sponges

Toxic Shock Syndrome - TSS - and Menstrual Sponges

Is the idea of wearing a sea sponge as a menstrual product, during period sex, or as a form of contraception, appealing to you?  The internet is full of information about bleached and cotton tampons and the potential risk of developing toxic shock syndrome (TSS). But what about sea sponges, do they carry the same risk? In this post, we’re going to explore what TSS is and it’s symptoms, the treatments available, and how to use a sea sponge safely…

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Bleached Or Unbleached Menstrual Sponges?

Unbleached or Bleached Menstrual Sponges?

The species of sponge which are used for personal care, cleansing, exfoliating and also as menstrual sponges, are naturally dark brown, not naturally blonde. Many years ago it was discovered that with the right amount of bleaching agent for the right amount of time a whole host of solid impurities can be disolved out of sponges as well as sanitising them. The Bleaching Process To keep the science simple, a bleach is used and then something similar to bicarb is…

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Which Size Of Menstrual Sponge Should I Buy?

Which Is The Best Size Of Menstrual Sponge To Buy?

Remember how it took a few tries before you figured out which tampons size worked best for you?  Understanding which size of menstrual sponge works best is similar! It might take a bit of trial and error, but you’ll have it figured out in no time.  So Which Size Of Menstrual Sponge Is Right For Me? Sea sponge tampons generally come in two sizes, large and medium. Medium sized sponges tend to be 5.5 – 6.5cm long, large sizes tend…

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How To Clean Menstrual Sponges

Cleaning Menstrual Sponges Naturally

Natural sea sponges are the most natural, eco-friendly, and comfortable way to manage your period. Like all other reusable products, they take a bit of effort to clean, but clean menstrual sponges are essential for your intimate hygiene. When you switch from disposable, toxin-filled tampons, to 100% natural sea sponge tampons, you’ll have made a change in your life that protects the planet and connects your cycle to the greater universe around you. A total win. Ready to learn exactly how…

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What Are Menstrual Sponges?

What Is A Menstrual Sponge?

Menstrual sponges can be synthetic or natural sponges which have a shape, optimised for vaginal insertion with the intention of absorbing menstrual flow. Used in some Mediterranean communities for thousands of years, natural sea sponges are harvested, cleaned and cut and then simply popped in place when your period begins. Just “wet, twist & insert”. Recently synthetic sponges have hit the market with non biodegradable sponge fabricated from petroleum based products. Here, our focus is on the reusable natural sea…

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